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Spin Up roller door

The Spin Up roll-up door for retail and industry.
The Spin-Up roller shutter door equipped with automation integrated in the gear motor and contrasting horizontal tubular inserts in the PVC curtain. Spin-up roll-up doors are supplied as a standard car exclusion barrier for the safety of all users.
Spin-Up doors are suitable for the interior partitioning of small compartments. Ideal in the commercial and large-scale distribution sector, they are also used in industrial production contexts.

Automation: Lateral and integrated into the gear motor (IP 65)
Max useful dimensions: L 3250 x H 3400 mm
Cross bar: 350 x 350 mm
Uprights: Self-supporting profile
Discs: On-off control integrated on the pole
Coat: Double coated polyester fabric, 1200 gr / m2
windows: A row of transparent portholes of 1000×300 mm at 1500 mm from the ground
safety: Self-excluded barrier
Speed: 0.8m / s
Installation: Internal