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High speed roll-up door

The Spin-Pro® rapid roll-up door is dimensionally stable and can be repaired manually, even by unqualified personnel. In the event of an accidental impact, the fabric deforms without damaging and can be easily reinserted manually inside the guide.
Spin-Pro® high speed roll up doors are supplied as a standard car exclusion barrier for the safety of all users. The self-supporting structure is available in the version in galvanized steel, stainless steel and painted steel. Spin-Pro® high speed roll up doors find application inside and outside industrial production plants or warehouses.
Spin-Pro doors are able to withstand both wind blast and internal pressure. Configurations are available for all product sectors, from heavy industry to simple warehouses. Three-phase automation provides for the placement of the control panel on the wall.


  • Automation: Lateral
  • Useful dimensions: max L 6000 x H 5500 mm
  • Cross bar: 350×350 mm
  • Guides: High density polyethylene sliding recess
  • Discs: On-off control integrated on the pole
  • Coat: Polyester fabric, 1200 gr / m2
  • Reinstatement: Manual
  • Windows: A row of transparent portholes 1000×300 mm at 1500 mm from the ground
  • Safety: Self-excluded barrier
  • Speed: 1.2m / s
  • Installation: Indoor outdoor