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Sectional garage doors

Sectional garage doors are ideal for those who want to open quickly and not at all cumbersome. The sliding takes place in a vertical direction, extending internally along the ceiling.
The sectional doors of the Steel-Sector Home® garage are made up of stacked insulating panels, secured to each other by means of hinges. The panels fitted with load wheels slide inside the side guides fixed to the wall; in the case of installation inside the compartment, it is therefore necessary to prepare a support structure in metal or masonry.


  • Handling: Manual or motorized
  • Max useful dimensions: L 6500 XH 3100 mm
  • Perimeter frame: Press formed sheet
  • Panel coat: 40 mm sandwich panels
  • Safety: CE 13241
  • Wind resistance: Class 2

Hanging doors are the traditional solution for closing garages, pits and garages. The difference between the sheet metal or insulated panel version concerns the insulating power.
Steel-Mono tilting gates are moved by means of counterweights placed laterally which balance the weight of the door.
Both types of overhead doors can be fitted with automation for intensive use with a possible interface of other automatic devices present in the house or garage.


  • Door knocker: Manual or motorized
  • Max useful dimensions: L 5000 x H 2800 mm
  • Perimeter frame: Self-supporting
  • Coat: Sheet metal or panel
  • Safety: CE 13241
  • Wind resistance: Class 2